CNC production

We produce sawn and chamfered parts for you

Using CNC high-performance saws from manufacturers KASTO and AMADA, as well as chamfering machines, we can produce short pieces in fixed and precise lengths for you – of an exact weight and based on drawings where desired.

Special sensor-based sorting

The saws are equipped with specially developed sensor-based sorting technology. This enables usable parts to be sorted out in a reliable manner without being mixed with start and end pieces. Our range of services also includes the chamfering of the ends of the short pieces. The sawn short pieces can be supplied as bulk goods or positioned – including in containers provided by the customer.

Certification and monitoring

Our three-shift production is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and has been tested by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Our sawing processes are monitored and controlled by means of SPC. Our customers include automotive suppliers, mechanical engineering firms, lathe works and all further processors in the metal industry.

Production and range
We produce items in anything from small batch sizes to the mass production of several million short pieces with radii ranging from 12- 52 mm and in lengths of 5-2000 mm. Our KASTO band saws can saw items in the with radii ranging from 10 - 440 mm and in lengths of 10-3000 mm in small batches.

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